Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor starrer "Ki and Ka" had a strong fifth day at the domestic box office. The rom-com's five-day net India box office collection now stands at Rs. 32.07 crore.

"Ki and Ka," which talks about gender stereotypes, minted Rs. 7.30 crore on the opening day, Rs. 8.41 crore on the second day, Rs. 9.52 crore on the third day, Rs. 3.54 crore on the fourth day and Rs. 3.30 crore on its fifth day. "Super strong Tuesday for #KiandKa, maintains rocksteady collections of Rs. 3.30 crore (Total India NBOC Rs. 32.07 crore)," the public relations official of "Ki and Ka" told International Business Times India.

The film, which was released in 1,600 screens, targets niche audience, but it has still managed to hold a decent pace at the box office. The film has shattered several records of movies released this year and with its first week box office collection, "Ki and Ka" is looking forward to overpower "Ghayal Once Again" and "Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3."

Meanwhile, "Ki and Ka" opened to mixed response from critics, but the audience enjoyed watching the film and that is what makes the director, R Balki, happy. Talking to IBTimes India about "Ki and Ka" performance, Balki said that the audience's response is what matters at the end.

"Cheeni Kum was thrashed by critics. The same critics, who thrashed that movie, today say that they loved it. Same thing happened with "Paa," which got mixed reviews, and then "Shamitabh," so this is the relation between me and some of the critics. What happens is when try to do something different it is always, as you cannot do this, they always tell me how things should be done," R Balki said. 

"I am very happy with the audiences response and I am so glad that they like the film. Audiences will like the film and if they don't like then it's not a good film at all, very simple, because audiences always supports good film," he added.

When asked about "Ki and Ka" box office performance, he replied, "I think every filmmaker expects a good response at the box office, but on this film we were quite sure. 'Ki and Ka' was also economically done and tightly done as a film and half I think half the battle is won if the economics of a movie is right."

Economic wise, "Ki and Ka" has emerged as Balki's highest grosser, shattering the records of "Cheeni Kum," Paa" and "Shamitabh." However, Balki does not want to compare the box office collection of all his movies, as they were released long ago.

"Actually if you take 'Cheeni Kum' it did a collection of around Rs. 24-Rs. 25 crore at that point of time, I think, but in today's time the collection would be much bigger. Theatres were far less, releases were far less and ticket rates would be far far lesser, but in today's time it is different and that is why we cannot really compare it. But yes, off course, 'Ki and Ka' is doing the best of all films and I am really happy," he added.