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"Boom Beach," the mobile strategy video game from developer Supercell, has teased the return of Dr. T's Mega Crab event on March 25.

The Mega Crab is a special event in "Boom Beach," which involves Dr.T (aka Dr. Terror) and his super weapon. This event is not a part of the regular cycle of events.

The Mega Crab surfaces from beneath the ocean, close to the home base of the player. The Mega Crab is clearly identified with its purple colour. It is a mechanical crab that is the creation of Dr. T and is his weapon of mass destruction.

The Mega Crab houses a large base with infinite amount of stages and each of the stages can be unlocked as the player defeats the previous one.

With every passing stage, the defensive buildings in the event become more powerful. In order to beat the stage, the player will have to destroy the Mega Core.

A player will be given three attacks when the event begins. After the completion of any stage, players will be given one free attack. Players can store up to eight free attacks.

Another interesting part of the Mega Crab stages is that it contains Critter Containers, which are unique buildings in the Mega Crab base. These Critter Containers contain friendly Critters that will attack the enemy buildings on their own accord. But the player has to free them from the containers in order to unleash their destructive abilities. 

Following the completion of a stage, the player is duly rewarded with resources, additional Power Stones, Power Powder, Intel and Diamonds.

This will be the second such event in "Boom Beach." The last event was introduced following the "The Last Crustacean" update in January 2015. The last Mega Crab event had lasted for seven days.

"Boom Beach" recently received March update that added HQ level 22 and various other features.