Supercell has revealed that the March update for
Supercell has revealed that the March update for Facebook

"Boom Beach," the strategy video game from developer Supercell, has revealed a new March update that will be rolling out soon.

This revelation came via a sneak peek from the company. Supercell has so far revealed that the March update will contain:

  • HQ 22
  • New Ranks
  • Supply Chest
  • Statue Storage building

It is still not clear when the update will release, but it should be before April. 

All the features the March update is bringing have been detailed by YouTube user nickatnyte in his videos.

He has said the new HQ 22 does not come easy, since it will cost players 4.78 million pieces of wood, stone and iron.

The HQ 22 will apparently add 20,000 health points and 87 Experience Points. It will also reportedly unlock Shock Mine, and supposedly features War Room, sauna and spa.

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HQ 22 is expected to bring upgrades to the defences of the base: Units like Sniper Tower, Boom Cannon, Machine Gun, Shock Launcher, Mortar, Flamethrower, Cannon and Rocket Launcher will get one more level of upgrade.

The Boom Cannon has more tubes, the Flame Thrower has blue tubing on its back, the Machine Gun has a muzzle loader, Sniper Tower has antennas, Cannon looks like a monument. The YouTuber also said the defences looked more futuristic. The Shock Launcher is upgradable to Level 10 and Rocket Launcher is at Level 14.

He further compared the Sniper Tower of HQ 21 with that of HQ 22, which revealed new additions to the Sniper Tower of HQ 22. The upgraded tower will feature laser sight, GPS and Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, nickatnyte also shared details of the new ranks that will be part of the March update in "Boom Beach."

Players will now be able to get new ranks based on victory points. Each rank will have three sub-ranks, and the highest rank is Marshal Rank III with 1,000 victory points.

Supercell also revealed the game would receive Supply Chests. Players managing to get five victory point can access a Supply Chest that provides rewards.

Nickatnyte shared more details about the Statue Storage building, which can be unlocked at HQ 13. The building will enable players to store statues without needing to activate them.

The Statue Storage building can be used strategically. So, players can place statues helpful in attacking when they take on an enemy. But if they are not attacking for some time, they can place the statutes that will protect buildings.