Boom Beach
Boom Beach to roll out Task Force Command soon.Facebook

Update 9:40 a.m. IST: Supercell has revealed via its official Facebook post that "Boom Beach" will get a new HQ level 22 that will feature a walk-in closet and satellite TV. These reveals have been part of the sneak peek for the March update.

Original Story:

"Boom Beach," the strategy video game from developer Supercell, is expected to receive a March update following an image tease where buildings were placed in a manner that said "YES," to a caption titled: "Is something coming in March?"

Supercell has begun to tease details via sneak peeks on the March update. Earlier, "Boom Beach" fans had predicted some of the possible features in the March update. And some of them have been proved right.

Sneak Peek 1: Statue Storage

This new building allows players to store their statures for "strategic advantage," and could act like Vault.

In its official forum, Supercell revealed the building would unlock at Headquarters level 13. It also warned the statues that have been placed cannot be stored.

Sneak Peek 2: Player Ranks

Improvements to the player rank system could be part of the update. Players who earn more victory points will rise to higher ranks, and it also increases the rewards.

Sneak Peek 3: Supply Chests

If a player earns five victory points, he or she will be able to access Supply Chest. The better the rank, the better the rewards will be.

Sneak Peek 4: HQ 22

Thanks to the sneak-peek reveals, the building hidden behind the trees in the image teased earlier has been revealed to be the Statue Storage.

Supercell has not revealed any information on the release date of March update.