Boom Beach
Boom Beach to roll out Task Force Command soon.Facebook

"Boom Beach," the strategy video game from developer Supercell, is likely to get a March update after the developer teased an image where the buildings in the image are placed in a manner to read "YES," to a caption titled: "Is something coming in March"?

A Supercell forum member put the question on Supercell Forum if there would be a March update for the "Boom Beach" video game.

Supercell forum moderator, meonhoc, replied a lot of the updates have been "pushed back" due to issues, and giving any timeline and not being able to keep up the deadline is not what Supercell intends to do. The moderator added he was hopeful of a miracle, and that dreams do come true.

But in the following columns, a Supercell staff posted the link of the following picture:

The image shows a building hiding behind the trees on the top right. One fan asked if the mortar images are new and if that is what it looks in Level 22.

Meanwhile, the March update tease has led "Boom Beach" fans to suggest what the image could be. Here are some of fan suggestions (Facebook):

  • Armoury
  • Anew building
  • Skin update for the iron storage
  • Storage for parts
  • Airplane base, air plane hangar
  • Masterpiece Storage shed
  • Community store

"Boom Beach" received its last update titled "The Last Crustacean" in December 2015.