Supecell has released March update for
Supecell has released March update for Supercell

"Boom Beach," the strategy video game from developer Supercell, has released the March update for iOS and Android devices. 

Supercell had teased the March update on its official forum and Facebook page. The new update will add HQ 22, Statue Storage, Ranks, Supply Chest and more. As reported in our previous story, "Boom Beach" will receive new upgrades for not only defences but also for Troops and Gunboat abilities with the HQ 22.

Players will be able to store statues in Statue Storage and now, based on the victory points, players will be getting military ranks, where each rank has three sub ranks. Additionally, players can make five attacks to claim a Supply Chest, thus rewarding them after they finish five such attacks. 

The update will add a short delay after the troops have died, which will allow gunboat. The players will now be able to name their base layouts. Now, Gearheart will let players to attack five times instead of three. 

The game also brings a lot of bug fixes like Scorcher blasting the Headquarters and many more fixes. Improvements are brought to Task Force searches. 

Though some of the players have already received it, some may have to wait for it. Players must note that if the game goes into "Maintenance Break," then Supercell is in the process of adding the March update.

Here are the patch notes for "Boom Beach" March update (Supercell Forum):

New Stuff!

  • Headquarters level 22
  • Armoury Level 22 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat abilities
  • Statue Storage allows storage for new Statues before they're placed in the base. Be careful! You cannot store statues once they have been placed.
  • Ranks! Increase your Victory Points to rank up. The higher your Rank, the better your daily rewards will be.
  • Supply Chests contain rewards based on your Rank! They can be claimed after gaining five Victory Points, and a new one can be earned every 24 hours.


  • Gearheart will now allow for 5 attacks instead of 3
  • Hammerman Attacks event will now reward intel
  • Short delay added after your troops have died in battle to use gunboat abilities
  • Headquarters experience requirements have been adjusted
  • Base notes for player bases in the Archipelago can now be added
  • Base layouts can now be named
  • Replays can now be paused and played at half speed
  • Resource collection icons are now only shown when the building or boat is at 10% capacity
  • Task Force search improvements
  • Chat improvements (Pinned messages, enabled native keyboard, and reversed chat direction)
  • LOTS of graphical improvements


  • Base note errors in Operations
  • Fixed rare issue where exploding Scorcher would destroy a headquarters without ending the battle
  • Overlapping graphics for defences
  • Event dialogues
  • LOTS of bug fixes