Dark Chocolate
Chocolate bar [Representational photo]Kricket/Flickr

In an bid to widen the demographics and include more men into their customer fold, a chocolate company has come up with innovative boobs-shaped chocolate bars.

The chocolate, which is in the prototype stage, has been designed by Constantin Bolimond (Russia) and Maksim Ali (US) for Titses brand.

The finest milk chocolate bars, moulded in the shape of a woman's breasts even has sizes to boast. It comes in sizes S to XL, with each bar having 12 pairs boob-shaped chocolates.

"The aim of the project Titses milk is to attract men's attention to the product that is so loved by women but is often overlooked by a strong half of the population," the designers said, according to Dangerousminds.net.

However, the concept is not new as similar chocolate bars were earlier launched in 2012.

Interestingly, solid milk chocolate Bosom Buddies is available on Amazon for $21.50. The chocolate has received amazing reviews from buyers.

Check out the photos of the boob-shaped chocolate bars below: