Boney Kapoor has opened up about Janhvi Kapoor being labelled as a child born out of wedlock. Boney and Sridevi got married publicly in January 1997 and Janhvi was born in March the same year. There have often been reports of Sridevi being pregnant with Janhvi before marriage and the duo got married much after Sridevi had conceived.

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Now, Boney Kapoor has spilled the beans on the same. The Bollywood producer has now revealed that even though they got married publicly in 1997, the two had tied the knot secretly in June, 1996. Boney Kapoor revealed that he and Sridevi got hitched in Shirdi on June 2, 1996. He revealed that the two spent the night together after exchanging vows and were married when Janhvi was conceived.

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Secret marriage with Sridevi

We got married on June 2. We exchanged vows, we spent a night there and it was only in January when her pregnancy was seen that we had no choice, but to marry publicly. It took place in Shirdi, on June 2. (But), in public we were married only in January (1997). That is why some scribes still write she (Janhvi) was born before marriage something like that," Boney Kapoor told YouTuber Rohan Dua.

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The religious instinct

The Mili director also shed light on their family values and religiousness. "Whether it was Sri (Sridevi), whether it was Sunita (brother Anil Kapoor's wife), whether it was me or Anil or my daughter Janhvi. (We are religious). She goes to Tirupathi every three months. My wife Sridevi used to walk to Tirupathi on every birthday of hers. Whenever I was in trouble, she walked from Juhu to Siddhi Vinayak barefoot."

In the same interview, Boney also spoke about Sridevi's accidental death and why he chose to not talk about it up until now.