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Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor in 'Bombay Velvet'Twitter

"Bombay Velvet" is trending on Twitter but it's not good news for the film's makers.

The ₹80 crore film, directed by Anurag Kashyap and starring Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, boasts of a wonderful concept and brilliant performance by the lead actors. But the film disappoints with its illogical, boring and slow-paced narration, say viewers.

Some of them, who went to watch the film but left cinema halls mid-way, have one question for its makers Vasan Bala, Gyan Prakash, Anurag Kashyap and S Thanikachalam: How come none could identify loopholes in the screenplay?

Here, we bring you some funny tweets on "Bombay Velvet": 

Nikhil Inamdar ‏@Nik_Inamdar

#BombayVelvet is like an over-ornate teahouse where the tea sucks! Contrived & wholly lacking in soul & script.

Tiilooo @CineMaakiKasam

Saw #BombayVelvet today morning... Went for Meditation 1 Hr Sleep Visited a Psychologist Feeling better now !!!

Jay Hind! ‏@JayHind

So #BombayVelvet is basically Bombay Duck. Limp & slimy - just sitting there to be fried crisp.

Amod Mehra ‏@MehraAmod

Being Humans we all make mistakes.. Akshay (Joker) Hrithik (Kites) Ajay (RGV Aag) Salman (Veer) Shahrukh (RA 1) & now Ranbir #BombayVelvet..

Ayush, per se @LifeOnAKeyboard

#BombayVelvet review : the movie rolls, the crowd yawns. Another knell to the expectations of Bollywood audience.

Amar Shah ‏@amarshah30

2 mins of silence for those who have scarified their precious time & money for Bombay Velvet...!!! Happy FRIEDDAY...!!! #BombayVelvet

J.Sagar ‏@jsagarshri

The Kashyap brothers have given #RanbirKapoor two of his biggest flops #beshram and now #BombayVelvet kyun bhai kyun..

Nipesh Patel ‏@MovieAha

First #Besharam & now #BombayVelvet. (1 out of 5) Stay away all rising superstar from Kashyap Brothers

Ragav pant ‏@beingPant

Shows got cancelled for a #SunnyLeone starer last week and now for #BombayVelvet. Bollywood is well n truly out of sync with Target audience

Virushka ‏@dethanya123

One Man's Dream (Anurag Kashyap) becomes another person's Nightmare (Audiences) Ouch #BombayVelvet

Bollywood Light ‏@bollywoodlight

Just outside cinema hall some shoppers r selling Ibuprofen, Diclo, Vicks Action 500 free of cost for people who going to watch #BombayVelvet

Bajrangi Bhaijaan ‏@Addi_Salman

Ranbir Said #BombayVelvet Is My GoneWithTheWind & Avatar,Bhai Titanic Hi Bol Deta Bad Me Bahana To Mar Sakta Tha Ki Titanic Doob Gya Tha :D

Depay is a Red. ‏@TheChaoticNinja

Looks like another Besharam is on its way in the form of #BombayVelvet . Ranbir is the next Kumaar Gaurav of Bollywood.

Alia lover ‏@zxcvbnmnmnmnm

When mst films release peple think of Dem doin 100cr busines bt #BombayVelvet s only film where people r thinkin of it losing 100 cr+ #irony