The lockdown seems fine until you're lonely. So far, it has been bearable, as the reality of the lockdown hadn't hit everybody. Now, it's dawning on people that this lockdown isn't a short one, it'll be nearly month when this is over. It's just begun.

After celebrities have posted numerous videos and pictures telling us how to cope with the lockdown, now things are getting real. Alia Bhatt posted a picture today with daddy Mahesh Bhatt. It's no normal throwback Thursday folks, this one's relatable especially for those under lockdown away from home. 

Alia Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt
@maheshfilm on Instagram

Alia Bhatt posts relatable throwback with Mahesh Bhatt

Staying at home to take care of ourselves is a necessity and a reality. For a while, the enthusiasm was high, people were all for isolation and quarantine. Don't get us wrong, we still are. But, quarantine, lockdown, pandemic, they're heavy topics that can put a damper on us. 

Bollywood celebrities having been going guns blazing at trying to motivate the public to stay home and stay safe. In fact, they're shooting videos of cleaning, working out, cooking. Just to tell us, this is all part of the battle against Coronavirus. Now it's getting real. For a while the enthusiasm was infectious.

Celebrities too are now showing that coping is hard. Quarantine and lockdowns mean not being able to see your family or friends in person for a while. For those away from home, this can be harder. Safety first, but family always, whoever your family may constitute. 

Alia Bhatt gave us a practical solution to pacify some of us who are missing family. I mean practically, everything else celebrities have been posting has been a glamorous way of saying live your life, the way you have so far. She shared an emotional throwback with her father Mahesh Bhatt on Instagram. Her caption read, "Stay home &... go through old pictures when you're missing your daddy." This seems like the most doable stay home advice we've heard from a celebrity so far. 

Alia's mother, Soni Razdan, Anushka Sharma and Zoya Akhtar all commented with hearts alone. After all the post was all heart and only heart. It's good to know we're not in this alone.