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By now, you might have been told to stay at home a million times. Whether you are or you aren't, surely you've heard. Well, Kartik Aaryan's back again to tell you once more. Amidst the pandemic, he's taken on the task of spreading the word.

The global pandemic has made staying home necessary. While many have taken it seriously, there are many who haven't got the message yet. Bollywood celebrities are doing their best to reach out who they can. Kartik Aaryan though is on a mission, and he has said so in his new video.

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Model citizen Kartik Aaryan takes on the challenge of telling people to stay home

Staying home is not much of a choice at this point in time. But, people will be people as many have said before. There are still people who feel the lockdown doesn't apply to them. Kartik Aaryan recently posted a video telling people to do everything at home and take all the precautions to practice social distancing. 

Last time in a Punchnama-style monologue, this time a rap. The actor is clearly making his own content now that  Bollywood film shoots have stopped. On Instagram, the actor posted another video showing off his rapping skills. His popular campaign #CoronaStopKaroNa, even caught the eye of the Prime Minister.

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Jab tak Ghar nahi baithoge, Main yaad dilaata rahunga ! #CoronaStopKaroNa #CoronaRapKaroNa ? Keep spreading the word ?? ? - @_abhiprabhu__

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The actor is not planning to quit while he is ahead. In the video, he tells us confidently, that until we stay at home, he will keep reminding us. At least this way the Police can go off duty. The video already has over 2 million views. This time he's preaching #CoronaRapKaroNa

It does leave us wondering, will the next edition of this series like most of his movies off-late be a classical, perhaps, a horror or a retro track? Not that this message is misplaced. The Police have been struggling to ensure that the lockdown is followed in many parts of the country. Moreover, the number of Coronavirus seems on a steady rise having touched 650 cases already. Hopefully, Kartik Aaryan's efforts won't go in vain. 

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