Poster of "Bobby Jasoos"
Poster of "Bobby Jasoos"

Vidya Balan has once again impressed critics with her performance in the "Bobby Jasoos", which released on Friday. The film, which is said to be a romantic comedy, has got mixed reviews for the storyline.

The film has an interesting storyline and debutant director Samar Shaikh has done a good job with the direction. The first half of the film keeps the viewer engaged, but the second half and predictable climax disappoints.

But it's Balan who manages to steal the show again as female detective.

The film produced by Dia Mirza under Born Free Entertainment banner features Ali Fazal, Arjan Bajwa, Anupriya, Supriya Pathak, Tanvi Azmi, Aakash Dahiya, Rajendra Gupta, Kiran Kumar, Benaf Dadachanji, Prasad Barve and Zarina Wahab in important roles.

Read the reviews below:

Deepanjana Pal of Firstpost said: "There's an effervescent sweetness to Bobby Jasoos, written by Sanyukta Chawla and directed by Samar Sheikh. It's Sheikh's first film, but his direction is assured and he has marshalled his technical team smartly.

"Chawla's done a wonderful job of putting together a simple story that ties its loose ends and is filled with memorable characters.

"In short, Bobby's the sort of girl with whom you can't help but fall in love. So go seeBobby Jasoos. With a little help from her friends and family, she'll make you happier than you've felt in ages."

Shubha Shetty-Saha of Mid-Day said: "Here's a fine example of how best to capture the flavours of the area where the film is set in and make the audience a part of it. 'Bobby Jasoos', the film and the character, walks and runs through the nooks and crannies of this buzzing place.

"The treatment is casual and simple and hence, easy and believable. The emotions are all in place but they don't overflow and ruin the screenplay (by Samyukta Chawla Shaikh). Vidya lives Bobby Jasoos. She bites into this role with passion and lives it like her own.

"The director creates a charming world that you are reluctant to get out of, even when the film is over. Now that is an achievement."

Sneha May Francis of Emirate 24/7 said: "For those of us who've been ardent fans of Alexander McCall Smith's incredible tales of a chubby woman detective, who with her charm and goodwill sets out to make Bostwana a better place, debutant director Samar Shaikh's Bollywood version appears a tad unimaginative, painfully stretched and devoid of thrills.

"Writer Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh's story could have easily been cut down from two hours to 30 minutes, but producers Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha thought otherwise.

"Despite the effort and the hype, 'Bobby Jasoos' just doesn't make the cut. At least, not for us, especially since we cracked the case even before Bobby did. Now, that's not saying much, is it?"

Mohar Basu of said: "Bobby Jasoos makes a half decent attempt to attain the wholesome pace and the gritty thrill of Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani. And going by this film's first half alone, it is semi successful. But that's all. Minus Vidya, the film is quite a staple Bollywood affair which I had hoped was earnest about breaking the stereotypical shackles. Lamentably, Bobby Jasoos entangles itself gravely in gratuitous family and love issues. In my opinion both Balan and her character deserved a better 'Kahaani'. Not half as bad but falls notches below the desired cut.

"Bobby Jasoos could have been a crisp, lucid and marvelous film but the overwrought emotional factor got the better out of the story. Plagued by an underwhelming second hour, sloppy editing and a conveniently done hurried climax, the film counts well only for Vidya's ability to carry a film solely on her shoulders. Her cutesy chemistry wit Ali scores too."

Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV said: "Vidya Balan does more than just don multiple guises in Bobby Jasoos. She hits many high points as she effortlessly breezes through her role, bearing much of the weight of the film with aplomb in the bargain.

"Bobby Jasoos has no item numbers, no cheap thrills, and none of the usual trappings of a wannabe blockbuster. But it has Vidya Balan in fine fettle, and that should be reason enough for you to go out and watch the film."

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said: "While much of the first half is devoted to constructing the suspense, the post-interval portions, sadly, do not live up to those lofty expectations. A couple of episodes have also been elongated without much reason.

"Vidya Balan is known to walk that extra mile to get the character right. The supremely talented actress, who is seen in a variety of disguises in BOBBY JASOOS and speaks in Hyderabadi accent, is the soul of the film.

"On the whole, BOBBY JASOOS has an interesting premise, but the writing plays the spoilsport. The saving grace and also the USP is Vidya Balan for sure, but is that enough to salvage the film?"