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Bobby Deol stunned all his fans by sharing his latest photo in which he flaunted a chiselled body. His new look is for his upcoming movie Race 3, that features Salman Khan in main lead.

Bobby shared his new toned look on Twitter, appreciating Salman's contribution in that. "When the hard work starts to show!! Thanks @BeingSalmanKhan for the motivation .. #Race3," he captioned the photo.

As soon as Bobby shared this picture, people started praising the actor's dedication, and the apparently impressive results. Bobby, who according to Salman, had never been in a gym before, certainly got everyone's attention with such a transformation.

However, there are a few on social media, who found the picture to be photoshopped. While most of the fans have been praising Bobby for his hard work, there are some who claimed that the photo is morphed.

Some opined that the photo looks little strange, and Bobby's face appears to have been put on a different man's body in the image. "Gonna ignore the possible Photoshop job because omg Bobby Deol is in 'Race 3'," one person tweeted.

Another made a tweet mocking both the "photoshop" as well as Bobby's DJ skills. "Literally looks like the work of a guy who did this Photoshop after a designer refused to do it because Bobby was going to pay the designer inexperience and free tickets to a DJ Bobby Deol concert," one tweeted.

There are some other tweets suggesting that there is something wrong with the photo, and some are confident that it has been photoshopped. One even pointed out that Bobby's face colour looks much different than his body colour in the image.

One even compared this photo with Salman Khan's one of the posters from Sultan. The poster was also alleged to be a bad work in photoshop, as Salman's neck was looking a little weird in that poster.

Photoshopped or real, Bobby has certainly grabbed the much-needed attention of his fans through this picture.