Namma Metro
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The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has initiated penalties for commuters lingering beyond the designated 20-minute timeframe at metro stations, a measure that has caught many off guard. However, authorities assert that this regulation isn't new.

In a recent incident, a passenger incurred a ₹50 deduction from his smart card at a metro station to be informed when sought clarification from a metro official near the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) gate. He overstayed by five minutes beyond the fixed 20 minutes inside the station charging his mobile phone. 

Long-standing Regulation

The imposition of penalties on commuters overstaying at stations for over 20 minutes has been a longstanding practice by the BMRCL, dispelling any notion of novelty. Nonetheless, the lack of awareness among commuters has sparked discontent.

Namma Metro
The BMRCL covering up the Hindi Langauge used on the signboardTwitter

BMRCL officials clarified that this rule has been enforced since the inception of metro operations in the city, aiming to deter overcrowding at stations.

Regarding public awareness of these regulations, officials assured efforts to display such information prominently at metro stations. Additionally, comprehensive details about these rules are accessible on the Namma Metro (BMRCL) official website.

Meanwhile, Namma Metro Yellow Line is getting ready for launch in December 2024.