Assault on medical staff and doctors is the harsh reality amid the challenging time of COVID pandemic. The hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and doctors are going above and beyond their line of duty to help patients. But being assaulted by the relatives of patients, be it under any circumstance, is criminal and inhumane. Another such incident took place in Bengaluru's Fortis hospital, where a son assaulted a doctor and a nurse who were treating his father.

As per routine, the doctors examined the clinical condition of the patient in the ICU and were counselling the patient's son. In a sudden outburst, the son started abusing the medical staff and as then hit senior intensivist Dr Padmakumar on the head with his phone. The kin also attacked a senior nurse who was accompanying the doctor.


According to reports, the doctor who was attacked suffered an injury on the head, but it wasn't a major one. The doctor suffered from a bruise, but the attack itself is unfortunate and shocking. International Business Times spoke to the ICU attending to confirm the attack on Dr Padmakumar, who said the attack did take place and the attacker was also arrested.

"Such incidents are creating a sense of fear among frontline workers who are working in critical areas, risking their own life. We are unfortunate to say that even though there are enough laws to prevent such heinous crimes against the medical fraternity, the implementing authorities are not taking positive steps to curb such crimes," a statement released by Ganesh Prasad Mudraje, chairman, [anti-]Harassment Committee, Indian Medical Association (IMA), Karnataka State Branch, said.

FIR lodged, bail granted

(Representative image.)Courtesy: Reuters

Soon after the altercation, the security guards at the hospital intervened. The police was called soon after and the attacker was taken into custody while an FIR was registered. According to reports, the accused was released on bail, but it remains to be seen how bail was given for a non-bailable offence.

Upon calling Puttenhalli police station for an update on the arrest and the charges filed, the officer was unable to provide the details immediately.