Season 2 of "Bloodline" may have been a underwhelming when compared to the first season, but it remains one of the most compelling television shows around. It is no surprise that fans want a Season 3 of the Netflix show, even if the online streaming service yet to officially renew it.

It is safe to assume that there will be "Bloodline" Season 3, considering Netflix rarely cancels shows unless they are terribly unpopular among viewers. Assuming the show does return, there is a lot more for the writers to explore in terms of the Rayburn family secrets.

Come Season 3, the show will focus on John's (Kyle Chandler) psyche and possibly his dark side. As fans know, John had a very special connection with Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), and misses him dearly after his death.

The events of Season 2, including the visions he has had of Danny's ghost, may finally push him to doing what he forbade himself to do since childhood, which is abandon his responsibilities.

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"There was an intimacy of that relationship that led to that killing. And now that Danny's gone, John is still dealing with that intimacy and that part of himself, which is like Danny. He can't get away from it, Danny's influence on his life. It was something we wanted to explore, and it gave rise to another way of how we could use Ben," the show's co-creator Glenn Kessler tells the Hollywood Reporter.

In one of the ending moments in "Bloodline" Season 2, we see Danny's ghost and John driving away from the Keys. As fans, we do not know if John is going away to clear his mind or for good. The latter was, after all, Danny's style and John's sub-conscience convinced him Danny would want him to do the same thing.

"A third season will pick up on that idea and what John does with that now that he's taken the action that he's never been able to take in his life: Slough off his responsibilities to the family and look out for himself," Kessler explained. He further said John has a capacity for darkness he has not harnessed yet, but we will see it in the coming season. 

It is also understood that much like Season 2, Season 3 will also feature Danny in a prominent role. "It feels like the DNA of the show is really informed by Danny's influence on his family, so that will always be there, either in death or being haunted by his memory," said Kessler, adding that the cast and he "would love to continue to keep him as a focal point in some way."