There's a reason why many Xbox fanatics are looking to invest on a brand new PlayStation 4 (updating a PC seems to burn the pocket). Everyone wants a shot of Bloodborne as soon as possible in their systems, with the diseased streets of Yharnam calling out to the hardcore gamers.

That Bloodborne has been (so-called) designed in the image of the very-popular Dark Souls and Demon Souls doesn't take away anything from the fact that it's well on its way to becoming one of the top gaming titles of 2015. We are just getting started with the game, but we are sure there's lot more to it than meets the eye.

As you head deeper into the game, you will notice that there's a lot to explore. But sometimes, it might get confusing for first-timers to get a grip on the title's gameplay aspects as well as doubts over where to start and how to get better XPs and Blood Echoes.

Keeping that in mind, here's an extended list of tips for all the newbies playing Bloodborne on how to collect all the major collectibles, lamps and fight bosses effectively.

  • Picking Up Items: If you come across a white flame over a corpse or a defeated opponent, this means you can pick up an item from the body.
  • Levelling Up With Blood Echoes: If you have enough Blood Echoes on you, it is better you interact with the doll in Hunter's Dream to level up your character.
  • Using Stealth: Stealth plays quite the part in Bloodborne. You can walk slowly to make use of stealth to surprise unsuspecting monsters with a powerful Charge Attack.
  • Earn Insight: You can fight bosses to earn insight. You can use the insight later to unlock additional features in Hunter's Dream.
  • Know Your Weapons: You can change your primary cutting weapon from short to the long one anytime in the game. Note that the former allows you to perform faster attacks, while the latter will inflict more damage.
  • Kill One at a time; Distract Them: Note that you can throw pebbles to distract a creature. This is a great strategy if you want to separate it from its group. For more dramatic results, try tossing a Molotov Cocktail into the mix.
  • Return to Hunter's Dream: You can light lamps to return to Hunter's Dream. While this will cause some previously overpowered monsters to re-appear, hunters and bosses will not respawn.
  • Divide Your Attack: When facing a creature in combat, it's better to use your hunter's firearm to interrupt its attack and stagger it, and then attack with the melee weapon.
  • Bath Messenger: The Bath Messenger in the game will buy and sell a plethora of useful items. You can buy things in Bloodborne with the Blood Echoes that you will earn.
  • Charge Up the Attack: You can charge up your attack (hold R2) before inflicting damage on your opponent. Your hunter will then hit the targeted enemy with a Charge Attack that will temporarily stun the monster if the blow is landed from behind.
  • When You Die: Note that when you die in the game, you will drop all your Blood Echoes that you may have acquired so far in the game. Both you and your enemies can pick them up. And if you think a monster has picked them up before you, hunt for the creatures with purple glowing eyes.
  • Blood Echoes from Werewolves: You can kill werewolves in the Central Yharnam area to acquire unlimited Blood Echoes. We have already gone through the tips for that and you can check them out here.
  • Doors With Red Lanterns: If you see doors with red lanterns, this means you can speak to someone in the house to receive helpful tips, items, or even a bonus objective in the game.

[Source: Prima Games]