Bloodborne co-op fix

There's so much to say and write about Bloodborne. If you have been stuck to the likes of Dark Souls and Demon Souls, it would indeed be a massive surprise if you didn't hook on to Bloodborne the moment it was released worldwide. The game is now set to be one of the biggest releases of the year.

Similarly to Bungie's Destiny, Bloodborne also introduces the loot system where players can pick up several different items from the world or fallen enemies that would help them level up or gain more XP in the process. But as you may expect, coming across them in the game isn't really a piece of cake.

Among the few essential things that you will require in the game is Blood Echoes. In case you didn't know, Blood Echoes function as in-game currency, allowing players to use them to level up their hunters and become even stronger against the more outworldly foes on the diseased streets of Yharnam.

But as we mentioned earlier, coming across Blood Echoes isn't really easy and can be quite the tedious process. However, thanks to YouTube channel PS4Trophies, we have now come across a way you can actually farm Blood Echoes easily. While you can check out the video below, here's a detailed outline of what's inside.

Bloodborne: More Blood Echoes by Loot Farming Werewolves (According to the video)

  • In Hunter's Dream, activate the lamp to visit Central Yharnam.
  • When you are there, head to the location with the two werewolves, called Scourge Beasts.
  • Once the werewolves take note of your character, they will rush towards you. The best thing here is to take refuge in a house nearby.
  • While the werewolves will keep chasing you, they won't be able to fit through the house's entrance.
  • With the werewolves stuck at the other side of the entrance, attack them with your cutting weapon, although you will take some damage in the process.
  • When the werewolves are slain, wait for the pick-up items to drop. Here you should be able to pick up three blood vials per monster.
  • Now go back to Hunter's Dream, level up your hunter with the cash or buy some new clothes.
  • Keep repeating the process until you have accumulated enough Blood Echoes.

The procedure mentioned above is in no way the most intense one and will surely take a lot of time to execute. But it still is a good way to farm more Blood Echoes to level up your character before the bigger bosses arrive. You can check out the video below.

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