Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's youngest son Blanket made a rare Snapchat appearance on Friday when his sister Paris uploaded a video of him enjoying a dinner with family.

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This comes just hours after TMZ reported that Paris was unhappy with Blanket's current living situation. Reportedly, Blanket, born Michael Jackson Jr., has not been living with his grandmother Katherine, who is his co-guardian, for the past few months.

The 86-year-old jetted off to London in January and has not spoken to Paris, Blanket or Prince since then, the website revealed, adding that Katherine has been staying with her daughter Rebbie since returning from London.

In Katherine's absence, TJ Jackson, a co-guardian with Katherine, has been taking care of Blanket and even TJ hasn't heard from Katherine since January, reported TMZ.

One reason for Katherine's absence could be her ongoing legal battle with nephew Trent Jackson. She has accused him of elderly abuse.

Blanket Jackson
Blanket JacksonReuters

In February, Katherine had revealed in a statement that Trent Jackson has terrorised and exploited her to the point that she had to see medical care in London. She has also accused Trent of refusing to call 911 when she thought she was having a "stroke or seizure."

"I needed a doctor, and he neglected my health needs," she wrote. "I am currently in London, England, under a doctor's care in part because of the stress this situation with Trent is causing me."

Katherine has also accused Trent of isolating her from her family and monitoring her personal phone calls.

"I used to be very social with my friends, like playing Scrabble, walking around in the park, sharing meals, but Trent has given them various reasons why I am not available," she wrote. "I believe he has put cameras and bugs in my home, so the only place I can try and have a private conversation is in my bathroom."