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Action thrillers require to be impressive in terms of fights, nail-biting moments and shocking twists and turns. The movie Blank is more or less well-equipped with all these, but lacks proper execution on certain parts.


One suicide bomber Hanif (Karan Kapadia) is out on the streets of Mumbai to execute a massive terror attack along with his several other accomplices. However, he meets with a car accident, and loses his memory.

After being brought to hospital in unconscious state, doctors get shocked to find a highly sophisticated bomb attached to his chest, which would explode if removed from his body or if his heart-beat stops. Police is called, and Hanif gets arrested. ATS chief Dewan (Sunny Deol) tries hard to dig out information from Hanif, but he eventually gets convinced that he remembers nothing.

With no option left, Sunny takes the suicide bomber to a deserted area to shoot him, but he gets saved by his terrorist group people. Soon, Dewan and his team discover that apart from Hanif, many other suicide bombers are active in the city, which are directly connected with the bomb attached to Hanif's chest. Then starts a cat and mouse chase, followed by a major twist towards the climax of the film.

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Sunny as ATS chief is a strong man with strict principles. He is sensitive by heart, but never compromises on his duty and values. He is veteran enough in the field to leave any scope for error in terms of acting.

Karan Kapadia has certainly made an impressive debut. He is good in action as well as portraying the twisted character. However, he needs to work on the art of throwing more expressions.

Jameel Khan as Maqsood, leader of a terrorist group, is the main antagonist, and he very well showcases the evil side of his character. Karanvir Sharma and Ishita Dutta as ATS officers are good on their part too.

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The movie never gets slow. It has a number of interesting developments, followed by a massive twist at the climax. There are no out of the context songs to distract the plot. Background score is impactful. Blank has good action sequences too. The director managed to keep it tight and crisp. It also showcases how religion is misused to create terror in the state.

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Certain scenes are unnecessarily made over-dramatic. For instance, one scene shows Sunny's character, while going on a mission to attack some hidden terrorists, repeatedly slapping his left palm with a clenched fist in anger. Soon, his team members sitting in the convoy also start repeating the gesture along with him, while a background song runs.

There are certain developments in the plot that may seem entertaining but badly lack reasoning.

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Overall, Blank is a decent one time watch for action thriller lovers. There is not much cinematic brilliance and has certain loopholes too, but it is good enough to keep you hooked.