Blank and Setters critics review
Blank and Setters critics reviewTwitter

Two Bollywood movies - Blank and Setters coming up together this Friday. While the first film is based on the issue of terrorism, the other one deals with education mafia. Both the movies are action thriller with ensemble cast.

Blank features Sunny Deol, debutant Karan Kapadia, Ishita Dutta and Karanvir Sharma among others. on the other side, Setters cast include Aftab Shivdasani, Shreyas Talpade, Pavan Malhotra, Vijay Raaz, Sonnalli Seygal among others.

Critics review for Blank and Setters has come out. While Blank received mixed response from the critics, Setters appears to have an upper hand as far as reviews are concerned. It is being said that Blank holds a strong storyline but it fails to impress on its execution. However, there are some who opined that it is worth a watch. Karan apparently has made an impactful debut.

On the other side, Setters have also been watched by many who appreciated the crime thriller. The performances are being appreciated and so is the plot.

Here's is what critics said about Blank:

Mumbai Mirror: Writer-director Behzad Khambata seems to have a healthy appetite for police procedurals and is aware of the basic construct required to make them tick. But in 2019, sticking to tropes can hardly trigger an exciting watch and the supposed turn in the climax seems more ridiculous than rational to be palatable. The film's title possibly refers to the protagonist's compromised mental state. Having endured this one, it's a debilitating condition you will share with him. (2*/5*)

Zee News: Blank must be seen for its tightly clustered almost suffocating narrative pattern. We are in it till the exacerbated end for better or worse. (4*/5*)

Filmfare: Summing up, given its premise, the film had the potential to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller, if only the writing and execution could have been better. (2.5*/5*)

Times of India: This action movie is helmed by first-time director Behzad Khambata and the inexperience shows in many portions where the filmmaker's choices aren't top-notch. The decision to play an emotional track called Himmat Karja just before and during a critical fight sequence kills the mood completely. And that is the way the film's narrative plays out throughout. The movie has flashes of promise but just as many, if not more, moments of amateur execution. There's also a special track called Ali Ali, featuring Akshay Kumar. Thankfully, it plays during the end credits and doesn't really add to plentiful woes of the film. (2.5*/5*)

Here's is what critics said about Setters: