Blanca Blanco

Blanca Blanco channelled Cleopatra as she posed for the camera in nothing but a bathrobe. Reportedly the Spychosis actress applied heavy black liquid liner and made her eyebrows into a dramatic arch to look like one of her favourite icons, Cleopatra.

The brunette beauty who dates Hollywood vet John Savage said, 'Cleopatra vibes, dream role' in her caption. Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga apparently are both presently trying to get movies about the queen made. It is known that Cleopatra was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, nominally survived as pharaoh by her son Caesarion. She was also a diplomat, naval commander, linguist, and medical author. The ruler was best known for her romantic liaisons with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

Blanco was recently spotted at a screening of If Beale Street Could Talk. And the leggy wonder took a moment to pose with Brad Pitt, who is in the process of divorcing Angelina Jolie.

Blanca Blanco
Blanca BlancoGetty Images

It is being reported that at another party, this one for the film Rome, the dark-haired looker was seen next to Charlize Theron who also had on black. Reportedly Blanco recently lost her home. 'I have been heartbroken about losing my home but I am recovering and what gave me comfort is knowing that what happened was beyond my control,' she told

Blanco said that she was 'still at a hotel and will be moving to [a] permanent home soon' as she remained patient in the process.

She said she felt 'felt trapped and claustrophobic when [she] was trying to escape' the home, and that she and her spouse are 'considering living in Beverly Hills or Brentwood' moving forward.

'For me, I have been having a hard time sleeping and having nightmares,' she added. But by the looks of it, the actress seems to be bouncing back alright. And we wish her well. You can check out the pic here: