Blackberry Bold 9900
Blackberry Bold

Research In Motion launched its much-awaited Blackberry Bold 9900 in India on Tuesday.

The white-coloured device is available for Rs. 32,490 across major authorized retail outlets in India.

Its stunning design gets a facelift with its appealing form factor. It is touted to be the thinnest Blackberry smartphone to date at 10.5mm thickness. It also happens to be the first Blackberry smartphone to incorporate the NFC (Near Field Communications) technology to enable quick and easy mobile payments, sync with NFC-enabled devices, accessories and access personal information on SmartPoster tags. All these useful feats can be achieved through a simple touch contact with the smartphone.

The brushed stainless steel frame, coupled with a brilliant touch display, gives the phone an elegant look and feel. Besides, the full QWERTY keypad enhances its usability factor. Powered by Blackberry 7 platform, the integrated browser is expected to deliver an enriched Web browsing experience with considerably faster access times.