black triangle
YouTube: Secureteam10

Conspiracy theorists believe that the UFO sightings which happen all across the world are concrete proof of alien existence. In the year 2018, a drastic rise in UFO sightings happened everywhere and interestingly, the shape of these unidentified flying objects was very similar to a triangle.

The most noted triangular UFO sighting happened in Pennsylvania in November. The video of this incident was shared by popular UFO researcher Tyler Glockner, and he argued that 'Black Triangles' are back again in the skies.

Glockner also speculated that the mysterious black triangles in the skies could be either an alien spaceship or the secretive military vessel TR-3B. Stories surrounding TR-3B has been the most popular topic among conspiracy theorists for many years. These conspiracy theorists believe that the TR-3B is an anti-gravity military vessel developed by the United States Air Force during the time of Gulf War.

People also speculate that this secretive military vessel was made using reverse-engineering technology in Area 51. Whistleblowers have several times claimed that these flying crafts were developed by the United States military with the help of extraterrestrial aliens secretly detained in Area 51.

Video of another noted triangular UFO sighting was also released by Tyler Glockner in 2018. Interestingly, this UFO was spotted in the midst of a thunderstorm, and conspiracy theorists speculated that the alleged alien spaceship might be harvesting energy from the lightning during the storm.

In November 2018, another conspiracy theory YouTube channel named 'Mavi777' released another footage apparently shot from the skies of Russia. In the strange clip, the mysterious flying vehicle was seen hovering near a gigantic cloud, and it emanated lights from its three well-shaped edges.

So, what are these mysterious lights? Are they alien spaceships or secret military vehicles developed by world powers like the United States and Russia? Let us hope that mysteries surrounding these bizarre flying objects will be unveiled in 2019.