Since April, residents in Kozhikode city has been facing issues due to an alleged 'Black Man' who vandalised several houses in the area. People also complained of hearing someone knocking their doors at midnight. Witnesses who came out of their houses had claimed to have seen a man running around their houses in the night before vanishing quickly after performing acrobatic moves.

The man who created chaos

After creating chaos in Kozhikode, an unknown man also started attacking several houses in the Thrissur region, and soon reports of Black Man havoc started surfacing on social media platforms. A video of the alleged incident apparently captured on CCTV camera too went viral, and it compelled the police to start strict night patrolling in both the districts.

Black man
Muhammed Ajmal who was arrested by police for vandalising houses and multifarious sexual offencesYouTube

On May 02, police arrested a man named Muhammed Ajmal under theft charges, and upon further investigation, they came to know that he was the creep caught on CCTV cameras while attacking houses in Thrissur and Kozhikode.

Muhammed Ajmal's criminal history

Upon questioning, police came to know that the crimes committed by Ajmal is not limited to house attacks and vandalising. Police revealed that the accused also hid under women's bed and was also involved in sexually harassing women.

A police officer working at the Kasaba police station told International Business Times, India that Muhammed Ajmal has been arrested under offenses related to theft, but he has also been accused of sexual harassment charges that come under the jurisdiction of Koilandy Police station.

Police officers came to know about the sexual perversion of Muhammed Ajmal after checking the CCTV visuals. After breaking into the house, Ajmal used to masturbate after hiding under the bed of women.

It should be noted that Muhammed Ajmal was imprisoned in 2018 after he was convicted of assaulting a woman in Koyilandy. After coming out of parole last month, Ajmal continued his criminal activities, and on May 02, a team of police officers led by Kasaba Sub Inspector Sijith nabbed him.

"Through CCTV footage, we managed to recognise him. We received information that a man with similar features used to come to a shop to buy food regularly. Our officers in mufti — plain clothes — were stationed at the shop at 6 am on Saturday. They then heard a scream from a nearby house. It was the lady of the house who screamed after spotting the accused under her bed. Though he tried to escape, we caught him," said Circle Inspector Binu, The News Minute reports.

Muhammed Ajmal has been now remanded to Kozhikode sub-jail in judicial custody.