OnePlus has decided to join the Black Friday party with deals of its own. Starting Friday, shoppers in the US will be able to purchase any OnePlus product without an invite. To make the sale more appealing, OnePlus is offering up to 90% off on its accessories.  

The Black Friday sale by OnePlus starts Friday, 27 November and runs through 30 November, which is widely known as Cyber Monday. During this period, people can purchase OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 smartphones without an invite, which in itself is a deal considering how difficult it is to get an invite from the company. There is no actual price discount on the smartphones, which according to the company are priced with "razor-thin margins."

We have reviewed both OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 handsets and found them to be worth their value.

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"We've got deals on deals on deals for you, but this year our Black Friday sale is running from Friday to Cyber Monday. That's four days for you to get out of your food coma and into the product-hunting ninja-mode you were born to achieve!" OnePlus said in an official blog post this week.

Besides the open sale, OnePlus is offering some attractive discounts on its entire range of mobile accessories. If you own OnePlus One smartphone, you can now accessorise your phone with a new protective case, flip cover, screen protector by paying 10% of the product value. 

Take a look at some of the best OnePlus Black Friday deals:

  • OnePlus One protective case: $1.10 ( original cost: $10.99)
  • OnePlus One screen guard: $0.50 (original cost: $4.99)
  • OnePlus One flip cover: $1.50 (original cost: $14.99)
  • OnePlus USB power adapter: $1 (original cost: $9.99)
  • OnePlus Silver Bullet earphones: $13.49 (original cost: $14.99)
  • OnePlus 2 flip cover: $17.99 (original cost: $19.99)
  • OnePlus 2 OtterBox case: $22.46 (original cost: $24.95)
  • OnePlus X flip cover: $13.49 (original cost: $14.99)
  • OnePlus X Bamboo case: $22.49 (original cost: $24.99)
  • OnePlus Icons earphones: $44.99 (original cost: $49.99)
  • OnePlus power bank: $13.49 (original cost: $14.99)