The #DemocracySummer2020 concert saw some amazing performances. The virtual concert was conducted to bring awareness about the 2020 elections and Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas sizzled the stage with their presence.

Black Eyed Peas surprised fans with their 2003 hit, "Where Is The Love?" The band that consists of, 45,, 45, Taboo, 44, and J Rey Soul teamed up with Rock The Vote to encourage people to vote in the upcoming elections in the US.

Talking about the issue, said, "We have a long history with Rock The Vote. It's super important for the youth to go out and vote for your voice to be heard. If you can go on TikTok then you can go out and vote. If you can go on WhatsApp you can go out and vote. If you can use Instagram — you can instantly vote and change America. Because if you don't we're always going to have to say 'where is the love?'"

Katy Perry too participated in the virtual concert. The 35-year-old would be mama sang a medley of her famous hits, "Roar", "Rhythm Unchained" and "Daisies".

She also said, "Vote for the change you want to see. I'm excited to be a part of this kickoff to Democracy Summer 2020 with so many amazing talents, activists and speakers. The young people of America are speaking loud and clear on the streets and online, and come November, it will be more important than ever to fight for justice and equality, and against systemic racism, with our ballots."


Hollywood celebrities have taken to the streets to participate in the Black Lives Matter movement. They have also voiced their opinions on police brutality and racism in the country. With the presidential elections coming soon, many actors and singer have urged fans to exercise their right to vote and help bring a change.