Nupur Sharma and Dr Syed Asad Abbas
Nupur Sharma and Dr Syed Asad AbbasSocial media

BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma has revealed that she is considering suing AAP sympathizer Dr Syed Asad Abbas for his sexist abuses following which the hashtag #WeStandWithNupurSharma is trending on Twitter.

'Bhumi Pujan' ceremony of Ram Mandir will be held at Ayodhya on August 5. Congress supporter Saket Gokhale filed a petition at Allahabad High Court, seeking a stay on the ceremony during the coronavirus pandemic. In his petition, he stated that it would be a violation of 'Unlock 2' guidelines. On Friday, the Court quashed his plea, saying that the entire petition was filed on the basis of assumptions.

TV panelist Dr Syed Asad Abbas used abusive language at BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma during a Television debate on the rejection of the petition against 'Bhumi Pujan' ceremony of Ram Mandir. The AAP sympathizer went on to call her Ekta Kapoor Vamp at some point in time. Nupur Sharma took to her Twitter page to slam him after the debate got over.

Nupur Sharma tweeted, "Vamp, gunda, rowdie, Balaji actress, lost all sensibilities, suffering from verbal diarrhoea & what not- just because I give factual arguments? I've come to realise just how sexist, badly brought-up & hateful these ignorant opposition panelists are. But thats why they are losers."

Nupur Sharma
Nupur SharmaTwitter

The BJP leader added, "I give back as good as I get. No place for playing victim. But in public life bringing in a woman's physical appearance or gender and thereby hurling abuses of sexual color - JUST #NOTDONE."

Later, Nupur Sharma revealed that she is planning to take legal action against Syed Asad Abbas. The BJP leader tweeted, "I'm considering suing him for this. My family, obviously, has taken extreme exception to this abuse. You CANNOT bring into question a woman's character. It's a lesson he'll remember all his life. #NotDone."

Nupur Sharma added, "Just had a detailed discussion wid @ishkarnBHANDARI about MC Abbas's vile abuses & character assassination directed at me on 10 PM @republic debate dt 24/7/20 We're examining various legal options available to us Character attacks to silence woman defending #RamMandir wont work."

Along with some BJP leaders, many Twitterati condemned Dr Syed Asad Abbas and called his party Anti Aurat Party. They also extended support to Nupur Sharma with the hashtag #WeStandWithNupurSharma.

Here are some of their tweets supporting Nupur Sharma:

Amit Malviya: "This is absolutely abhorrent. You can disagree with anyone but calling a lady names is simply unacceptable. It is a pity that such misogyny makes it to national TV...

Kapil Mishra: "Definitely #WeStandWithNupurSharma Stay Strong @NupurSharmaBJP It's not about you alone - this is how they see all women especially women who speak logic and truth A kafir woman talking boldly about Ram Mandir - you are their worst nightmare

Baddam Mahipal Reddy: "Abusive language used against BJP spokesperson @NupurSharmaBJP ji by AAP leader @MCABBAS How dare @MCABBAS Called a woman vamp during live debate #AAP Party Leaders  should first learn to respect a woman. #AntiAuratParty #WeStandWithNupurSharma

Tajinder Singh Tiwana @TajinderTiwana

Personal attacks targeting women of our country is highly condemnable & totally unacceptable. I request all media channels to boycott the panelists abusing the integrity of women. #WeStandWithNupurSharma @NupurSharmaBJP Ji More power to you! Jai Shree Ram

Stuti Sardana @stutisardana

Disgusting. The Lowest level of Stooping! Good that u have shown ur real face on National TV. This kind of manners and respect u have for women. Targeting a lady like this, shows just ur own Frustration & Helplessness. Shame! @NupurSharmaBJP #WeStandWithNupurSharma

Jagrati Gupta @JagratiGupta3

How dare a man called a woman vamp during live debate We are with you @NupurSharmaBJP ji #WeStandWithNupurSharma

Atul @Brand_AtulOM

Abusive language used against BJP spokesperson @NupurSharmaBJP ji by AAP leader @MCABBAS on AIR.. AAP is definitely Anti Aurat Party... Thr leaders have no respect for women.. #WeStandWithNupurSharma

Ashish @go4ashi

Such a sexist remark on national television by any penalist is such a misfortune on male community. I strongly condemn such remark against @NupurSharmaBJP made by @MCABBAS #WeStandWithNupurSharma

Vivek Pathak @pafcoms

Its time to raise voice against all those who abuse women. I STAND WITH @NupurSharma BJP JI And You? #WeStandWithNupurSharma

Dwaipayan Ghosh @Dghosh171180

Me, my family, my friends and entire Nation stand with Nupur Ji AAP and it's leaders who don't have any principal abusing a respectable women, what else we can expect from them? Nation will not tolerate abuse against any Women #WeStandWithNupurSharma

In reply to her supporters, Nupur Sharma tweeted, "I thank my colleagues, well-wishers, brothers & sisters from the bottom of my heart for standing up for not just mine but the dignity of all women whove been at the receiving end of verbal/physical sexual abuse yet get no justice owing to ideology/religion #WeStandWithNupurSharma."