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A fact finding team is being constituted as Uttar Pradesh BJP has announced that it will inspect claims that suggest a mass exodus of Hindu families from Kairana city in Shamli district of west UP.

" An 11 member-team of the members of Parliament, mostly from west UP would be sent by the party to give the exact picture of the situation there and submit a report to the state party unit," UP BJP president Keshav Prasad Maurya told WebIndia123.

Maurya also alleged that a 'jungle raj' is prevailing in UP. He said while ruling Samajwadi Party was only working for a particular caste and minting money through illegal works, the BSP was just targeting the Dalits for its vote bank politics.

"There were at least 10 to 12 incidents of Dalit atrocities in UP including that in Azamgarh, Pratapgarh and other places during the past one month , but BSP did not care for it and was only interested in the Dalits issues of Haryana and Hyderabad," he alleged.

Maurya also declared that the 2017 assembly polls in UP would be a revelation as he predicts that both the SP and BSP would lose the election, allowing BJP to form the government with absolute majority.

Recently, BJP MP and former Union minister Hukum Singh had claimed that there was mass exodus of Hindu families from Kairana town over the past two years. The leader released a list of 346 families that had fled leaving their properties behind after they were allegedly targeted and persecuted by another community.

According to an article published in the Times of India, the MP believes that if those that migrated from other districts is included in the list, it would swell to more than a thousand.

The MP went to the extent of alleging that there have been at least 10 communal killings in the town that has become a "new Kashmir" in the past three years.

The MP also released another list of 11 people killed for refusing to give money to extortionists.

"On August 24, 2016, traders Shiv Kumar and Rajendra Kumar, who were siblings, were gunned down at their shop within a week of similar killing of another grocery trader, Vinod Sangal, on August 16. In both the cases, the businessmen got extortion calls and when they refused, they were killed. Other such victims include an agent of Mafatlal Industries who was killed at Nirmal Crossing and a bullion trader, Satyaprakash Jain, who was shot dead in his shop. Similarly, jeweller Jashwant Verma and his wife were killed at their residence in Aldarmiyan locality. Another jeweller, Shrichand Jain, was killed in his shop," said the MP.

"This is exactly what had happened in Kashmir. Businessmen are being targeted in a bid to grab their establishments and properties. These people are forced to migrate leaving their ancestral properties behind. And in the hurry, they have no other choice but to sell their properties far below the prevailing market price or just abandon them," the MP said.

However, deputy inspector general (DIG) of Saharanpur range, A K Raghav, denied the MP's claims. "We will verify each and every family in the list prepared by the MP. I have been posted in Saharanpur range for several years and people of this region meet me every fortnight but no one has ever told me that there was an exodus of Hindu families from the region," the DIG said.