Saffron colour is often associated with BJP in India as the ruling party's flags predominantly use saffron with a portion of it being green. Be it rallies or campaigns led by Modi-government, saffron-coloured flags are prevalent and a common sight. As the nation fights its biggest battle against COVID-19, BJP's saffron colour on face masks has become an instant hit.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face masks are considered essential personal protection equipment. In fact, it has been made mandatory for people stepping out of their homes to prevent the spread of the virus, which is can infect others through droplets. With some designer face masks already making a topic for memes, a saffron-coloured face mask has joined the flock. Since face masks are usually found in white and green colours, people can get in saffron as well.

BJP MP Tejaswi Surya has been spotted donning the unique face mask painted in his party's flag colour. The saffron coloured face masks are being sold online and are in high demand, according to BJP MP Tejasvi Surya.

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya
BJP MP Tejasvi SuryaTwitter

"The response to saffron masks was so high that our servers couldn't handle the load and crashed yesterday," Surya tweeted. He also said that the production capacity has been ramped up to meet the growing demand for saffron face masks.

Saffron face masks

Saffron face masks are being sold exclusively on "Mask Movement" website and it can be shipped anywhere across India. As per the site, people can place an order for a minimum of a pack of 10, which costs Rs 210. However, up to 10,000 can be ordered at once. The price of the single face masks comes at Rs 21.

Saffron face mask
Saffron face maskMask Movement

The 3 ply saffron face masks protect against dust and germs. Once pre-ordered, it can take 7-10 working days to deliver the saffron face masks.

Netizens reactions

While many have lauded and appreciated the bright coloured face mask, contrary to the existing ones, others gave it a humorous spin and questionable quip. From asking if the saffron face masks are homoeopathically approved to be more effective than the current face masks to suggesting the use of saffron in face masks promotes communal hatred. Check out some reactions below:

Saffron face masks
Saffron face masks
Saffron face masks
Saffron face masks