Sonu Sood has been helping migrant workers get home amid the pandemic. His work is being appreciated by all for turning out to be a 'real hero'. The actor has been responding to requests and doing the most of what he can. Now, he has become a reason for political debates.

A BJP MLA Rajendra Shukla reached out to Sonu Sood for help in getting migrant workers home to Madhya Pradesh. The opposition party member then questioned the politician for losing faith in his own party and looking to Sonu Sood for help.

Sonu Sood helps migrant workers

Sonu Sood agrees to help BJP MLA, politicians are attacked for not reaching out to party

Sonu Sood has been tirelessly helping migrant workers get home amid the lockdown. Without any qualms and pretensions, the Bollywood actor has taken on the tough job of doing something, proving that actions do speak louder than words. However, now he has become the cause of a politician's loyalty to his party being questioned. 

BJP MLA Rajendra Shukla recently tweeted to Sonu Sood seeking his help. The MLA hoped to take the assistance of the actor in getting home stranded migrant workers in Mumbai to Madhya Pradesh. After reaching out to the actor, Sonu Sood was quick to respond and agreed without a question, just said that he wished to have the MLA treat him to poha when he visits Madhya Pradesh.

Soon after, members of the opposition found it odd that the MLA instead of reaching out to his own party members and top brass for help in getting the workers home was instead knocking on Sonu's door. They questioned the tweet exchange, one member said, "This tweet by Rajendra Shukla sheds light on the bitter truth of Madhya Pradesh." 

Of course, BJP MLA Rajendra Shukla hit back saying that the opposition Congress member is playing dirty politics. Another politician from the opposition couldn't believe that a BJP MLA would reach out to Sonu Sood before his own party, and said he had better resign.

This might be the result of having a non-political actor doing the work politicians should have been doing in the first place.