We are all aware of the ongoing political scenario. While most Indian celebrities have been silent about the ongoing political issues, Siddharth of Rang De Basanti fame has regularly expressed his political views on social media. The actor has been tweeting in support of the farmers' protests and against activists being detained. Consequently, he regularly faces backlash on social media.

After the arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi over allegedly creating a 'toolkit' shared by Greta Thunberg, Siddharth pointed out that toolkits are commonplace for any planned activity.


After which, a lengthy exchange of emails went on for a long time. Check out below:

However, Karuna Gopal, a member of BJP's National Manifesto Sub-Committee, recently tweeted a picture of Siddharth accompanied with the aforementioned quote and said, "Who is this person? A school dropout maybe...?"


In no time, Siddharth replied, reminding Gopal that she had "badgered" him to attend a panel discussion at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in 2009.

Gopal replied to Siddharth wrote:

To which Siddharth replied to her, stating that he could make her email requests public.

Siddharth soon posted a screenshot of a mail from Gopal that clearly requests the actor to come and inaugurate her son's art exhibition at Marriott in 2013.

The actor also tweeted a video of the speech he delivered at the Indian School of Business in 2009. "In it, I speak against poor journalism, public amnesia and incompetent governance. I was young and angry then. I am younger and angrier today," posted Siddharth.

He also went on to comment on the ongoing issue of curbing free speech. "I wonder why I never got a single complaint or threat than about the tone and nature of my speech? Nobody attacked me for having an opinion... For asking questions. India has changed. It changed in front of our eyes. The question is... what are we going to do about it?" tweeted the actor.

Check the tweets below:

 Actor Nakuul Mehta too supported Siddharth.

A lot of Siddharth's fans come out in support of him.