Think Indian chaat or street food and bright visuals of green pudina chutney, tangy brown tamarind, spoon-splashes of white curd blend in the mind. A little more artistry adventure and then comes in grated cheese, sprinkled chaat masala, and squeezes of fresh lemon. But what if Indian sweets were to be spiced and tanged up to turn it into a chaat? Foodies say eww!

Rasgulla chaat in the making from the viral video on Twitter
Rasgulla chaat in the making from the viral video on Twitter

On Wednesday, a Twitter user going by the handle Kaptan Hindustan shared a video of a 'chaat wala' putting together a rasgulla chaat using the famous Bengali sweet topped with chaat masala, tamarind chutney and curd. This bizarre combination of 'sweet meets sour' didn't go down quite well with foodies on social media. Some called it unhealthy, some called it crazy while others refused to believe a combination such as this one exists. 

A Sanjeev Kapoor-special

The recipe that garnered much attention on social media, however, is nothing new or bizarre. International Business Times found out that the recipe for a similar (read elaborate) dish has been available on famous Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor's website for some time now. 

Rasgulla Chaat by Sanjeev Kapoor
Rasgulla Chaat by Sanjeev

As per the website, the recipe of 'rasgulla chaat' has even appeared on Turban Tadka food show and Food Food TV channel. 

"Rasgulle in a new piquant avatar. A very interesting chaat recipe made with sweet rasgulla and Indian spices which is perfect for evening snacks or for a special occasion" reads the dish description on the chef's page. 

While the chaat in the viral video is a quicker version, Kapoor's rasgulla chaat has more than 20 ingredients including potatoes and black gram sprouts. 

While the idea of a sweet dish combined with something sour and tangy sounds crazy indeed, this isn't the first such experiment. Earlier in September, a social media user uploaded a video of a Gujarati Dabeli being made using Mango ice cream.