Cyber security
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The Twitter accounts of the New York Post and the United Press International (UPI) were compromised on Friday after a cyber attack, as hackers posted false news related to US military being under attack and even about the Pope declaring WWIII had begun.

A tweet on UPI's account said that Pope Francis had declared that the World War III had begun, while another suggested that a US Navy warship had been attacked by China. "Chinese anti-ship missile fired at USS George Washington," the tweet read. 

Both organisations clarified that their Twitter accounts were hacked, with UPI even putting a message that read – "World War III has not started thankfully".

The US Navy also dismissed the false news.

"I can assure you and everybody else that the USS George Washington is safe and sound in dry dock. She has not been attacked by anybody," Rear Adm. John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary said, according to USA Today.

Hackers also tweeted bizarre financial reports, suggesting false steps by the Federal Reserve.

One of the tweets on New York Post's account read: "BREAKING: Federal Reserve head Yellen announces bail-in emergency meeting, rumored negative rate to be set at 4pm EST today."

Hackers also took over UPI's website, putting up false stories.

The hacking comes days after the social media accounts of the US military's central Command were hacked by alleged ISIS supporters earlier this week.