If nothing else will reach Mars before humans, at least religion will – and according to new reports, the first one to make its mark on the red planet is, apparently, Buddhism – here we go again.

Going by latest reports, a strange shape similar to a Buddha statue has been spotted on Mars.

As you may have guessed already, countless conspiracy theorists interested in the subject are now claiming that the statue-shaped structure is a proof that intelligent life once existed there – because, you know, gullies carved on the planet by water is too mainstream.

Guys over at the lovely UFO Sightings Daily discovered the strange shaped structure on the Red Planet and they think this is high time the world took note of the fact that intelligent life existed on the planet a long time ago.

According to UFO Sightings Daily's Scott Warring, "This photo alone should be enough to convince the United Nations that intelligent life once existed on Mars, but NASA doesn't want anyone to know the truth, because they will be asked to share the info and technology that they have found."

That being said, this isn't the first time Gautama has been spotted on some distant planet away from earth. Several such fascinating Buddha-like images have been shared on the Internet in the past.

"This shows a face and head turned to its right, with breasts and a plump stomach, shoulders," Warring added. "Very remarkable detail in this photo."


Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Mirror]