Alexx O Neil

Alexx O' Nell is an American-born actor and musician and has appeared in various films and television programs in English and Indian languages. Some of his major feature films include 'Main Aur Charles', 'Cheeni Kum', 'Madrasapattinam', 'Joker', 'Ek Je Chhilo Raja', Chittagong and Urumi (Ek Yodha Shoorveer). He has also participated in reality show Nach Baliye in the year 2007. After working over a decade and a half, he has made his mark in digital space with his acting prowess in the web series Inside Edge and the recent release Aarya. 

As the profiling actor turns a year older today, Alexx, in a exclusive freewheeling conservation with International Business Times spoke at length about his birthday plans, why isn't he ecstatic with the word 'Happy Birthday' and how he spent his youthful days in India.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Alexx with his mom

How he plans to ring in his birthday?

For me, it's a milestone about all the things that I have done in the past. Currently, I am in Holland and as we don't have a lockdown. I will plan my time with my mom. I will not be celebrating the day as it has been difficult for all of us, the pandemic has wrecked our lives, and still, most of the parts in the world are affected by it. India is always on my mind, and all I pray is healing and recovery for one and all. So for me, it will be subdued birthday, as I have accomplished certain things that I wanted to do since a very long course of time.  Finally my music video "Still on my mind" is out, it features me and Shama Sikander.


As a child were you ecstatic for your birthday?

I was never fond of birthdays, nor I had big birthday celebrations. My father passed away when I was too young. All four of us, me, my mom, my brother and sister would always be travelling from one city to another and were on a very tight budget. Most of the time we would stay in a hostel. So my birthday wasn't a big deal.

Alexx O Nell

Memorable birthday gifts

I am not a materialistic person. I have a laptop, phone, guitar. As I travel a lot to spend time my sister in the Netherlands and I don't want to carry many things. Therefore, I have kept some of the stuff at my sister's place. My life fits in a suitcase. I have three pairs of shoes. I don't want any gifts; all I want is love and blessings. One of the most precious gifts that I got was from Ram Madvani he gave me mugs from Rajasthan while we were shooting and I gave that to my mom, not because I don't appreciate it because she needs those things more and cherishes it. Whenever I am with my mom, I borrow her coffee mugs. I don't have a car or diamonds as things weigh me down. My ideal gift will be a dinner with my mom on the beach.

Alexx O nell

How have your youthful years in India been?

India has so much passion, whether its cricket or music. Music is surreal in India; I know it as I have learnt Sanskrit for Aarya and restricted a few shlokas by myself. India is rich in culture and heritage. Down south the film stars are worshipped like God. Cinema is like a temple in India. Passion in India continues to drive me. I am culturally well versed with the customs and traditions of India. I got married in and divorced in India. Therefore, half America, half Dutch and half Indian. I spent a lot of time developing myself as an actor.

Alexx with his mom

The idea of love and marriage

I got married too young before I even understood myself completely, I was young, naïve and wasn't sure of a lot of things myself. I was on the verge of figuring a lot many things in life. What I would say is, you need to be secured and know yourself completely and your personality before you take the onus of anyone. Not just in India, all around the world, always seek for a partner who complements you. You shouldn't depend on someone. Get married only when you are ready to take the responsibility of your loved one. What I have figured out during these four months of lockdown is that people have started to look inwards more than outwards.

Alexx O NELL

 International Business Times, wishes Alexx O Nell a very Happy and a joyous Birthday!