In the recent episode of Bigg Boss, one member from every contestant's family has been invited to the show, and this was a surprise to all the contestants. But before you think that the contestants would have had a good time with their family members, let us tell you that not all of them were so fortunate. Only two of the family members were fortunate enough to meet their contestants. And this wasn't an easy task for anyone of them.

Out of all the 10 guests who have been on the show, only two of them got the chance to meet contestants whom they were representing. It was only Ravi's uncle and Vithika' cousin who managed to win the chance of meeting the contestants.


But this has disappointed the rest of the contestants who had a lot of hopes on meeting their family members. Sreemukhi, one of the strong contestants of the show, who has never been seen crying in the show, was upset after learning that. She was seen weeping for a long time and when her fellow contestants were consoling them, she said, "This is unfair. He (Sreemukhi's brother) has come till here and letting him go without meeting me is really unfair. All the contestants should get the chance of meeting him. How can only two among of all of us get to do that?"

In the first two seasons, family members of all contestants were invited to the show and they were allowed to spend some quality time with their family members. But in season three, that hasn't happened till now.

Meanwhile, the contestants have completed 62 successful days in the house and with ten contestants in the house, currently, the game has become much stronger and entertaining.