Akkineni Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on Saturday
Akkineni Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on SaturdayScreenshot of hotstar video

The Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 episode aired on September 16 was undoubtedly the most interesting episode of the season. The contestants were given never-seen-before tasks to save each other. While some succeeded, others failed miserably.  

After Shilpa Chakravarthy was eliminated, the nomination process for the current week started on Monday. But there was a twist. The housemates could not nominate each other this week. Instead, it was Bigg Boss who made the nominations and gave the contestants certain tasks to save each other. 

A telephone booth was set up in the house. When the phone rang, Sreemukhi picked up the call and it was none other than Bigg Boss on the other side. Bigg Boss told her that she was nominated for evictions and to save her, Baba Bhaskar would have to clean shave his beard. In a sweet gesture, Baba master did shave his beard to save her. 

Bigg Boss 3

Baba had entered the show with his beard so this marked the first time the audience had seen him without one. All the housemates loved his new look and said that he looked very young. 

But things took a turn for the worse from there. When Himaja was nominated, Varun Sandesh was asked to soak himself in cow dung. We think this was a very ridiculous task. While Varun could have said no this, he chose to save Himaja. But afterwards, he could not stop throwing up and Vithika could not stop her tears after seeing that. 

Bigg Boss 3

Later, Punarnavi was called into the booth and was informed that she has been nominated. To save her from eliminations, Rahul Sipligunj was asked to drink 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice. Punarnavi said, "If you give up in between, I will still be nominated. So you tell me whether you can or not, so that I get nominated now only."

To this, Rahul replied, "I am telling you I will do it. Instead of saying that I might give up, let me try first." He ended up drinking the juice from all the twenty glasses and saved Punarnavi.

Bigg Boss 3

When Varun was nominated for eliminations, Sreemukhi was asked to get a tattoo done. She was asked to get the Bigg Boss 'eye' and though she knew that it would be painful, Sreemukhi went ahead and got it done.

To save Mahesh, Himaja was asked to keep all her clothes and cosmetics in the storeroom. But by mistake, she left a few of them on the side table near her bed and this led to Mahesh getting nominated.

Ravi was asked to dip all his shoes in a box full of paint, if he wanted to save Baba Bhasker. Ravi is mad about his shoes and he takes care of them really well. It was very painful for the audience to see him do that.

Few of the given tasks were really painful and even the audiences did not liked it. Let us see what Nagarjuna has to say about it.