Diksha Panth on Jr NTR's Bigg Boss Telugu
Diksha Panth on Jr NTR's Bigg Boss TeluguHotstar Video

Actress Diksha Panth, who was evicted from the house of Jr NTR's Bigg Boss Telugu on Sunday, said that she did not get support from other participants inside the housemates.

Diksha Panth was a wild card entrant in Bigg Boss Telugu and she entered the house with Navdeep. The audience came to her rescue when she was nominated for eviction earlier. This week, her name appeared once again in the list of contestants to be eliminated, along with Adarsh Balakrishna, Hari Teja and Archana. Finally, she was shown the door on Sunday.

When Jr NTR quizzed her about the housemates of Bigg Boss Telugu, Diksha Panth complained that the inmates did not support her enough. "I didn't get much support from the inmates of Bigg Boss Telugu, especially from the last one week. Some people appeared to be supporting me. But I don't know whether they acted or projected to be one," the actress said.

Diksha Panth was bullied by other contestants and was seen crying on a few occasions. She could not face others in the house and was considered the weakest among the contestants. But the actress said that her stay in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu made her stronger and helped her learn many things.

Diksha Panth told Jr NTR, "It was really a beautiful and emotional journey. I'm walking out strong and learnt many things. Audiences also understood me a lot and saved me a couple of times. I felt very good and I tried to speak Telugu most of the time. I'm blessed to have it. I am thankful to Bigg Boss, TV channel, Tarak and viewers. I thank you all very much."

Diksha Panth's stint on Bigg Boss Telugu has expanded her fan base in the Telugu speaking states. Many viewers admit that she was subjected to bullying by others in the house and that she was better than other female contestants.

Diksha Panth on Bigg Boss Telugu
Diksha Panth on Bigg Boss TeluguHotstar Video

Akhilesh Gowda‏ (@Akhileshgod) tweeted: "#DikshaPanth is very strong person. She never foul cried like archana. #dikshapanth earned very good fame in the hearts of people. The other 2 gals were so disgusting that v r unable to watch their faces."