Bigg Boss Telugu 3 vote system on Hotstar App
Bigg Boss Telugu 3 vote system on Hotstar AppScreenshots of Hotstar App

The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu have changed the voting system for season 3. This time you will not have to google about voting rather you can save your favourite contestant from elimination by voting through phone and hotstar app.

The much-awaited reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has gone on air on July 21, after facing several hurdles before its launch. Akkineni Nagarjuna, who has replaced Nani as the host of the show, was seen introducing 15 contestants and sending them inside the house on Sunday. But on the first day itself, the big boss gave a shock to the participants, who were thrilled over their entry, by nominating six of them.

Like every season, you can save your favourite contestant from elimination by voting. But the makers have changed the voting system for Bigg Boss Telugu 3, in bid to avoid the misuse of the tools.

Bigg Boss Telugu had three voting options like phone, Hotstar and Google in its season 1 and 2. The season 1 had no issues with any of these patterns, but the season 2 faced problems with Google voting. Some agencies, which were reportedly working for different contestants, used Gmail accounts in bulk to gather the votes for their clients. The makers had to face a lot of criticism due to this misuse.

Star MAA and Endemolshine, which are jointly producing Bigg Boss Telugu, have reportedly decided to ditch Google voting system for its season 3. This time, the viewers will have two voting options like Hotstar and phone to support their favourite contestant. There is no change in the Missed Call option.

Phone call option: Each contestant nominated for the eviction from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is allotted a phone number and people can give 10 miss calls from one number in a week. You need to watch the show to find out the numbers to save your favourite participants.

Voting on Hotstar: There is a small change in voting on Hotstar. The viewers will have only 10 votes per day. Here are six-seven steps on how they can cast their votes to their favourite contestants.

1 – Download the Hotstar app from Playstore and install it on your smartphone.

2 – Login to the page through your e-mail or Facebook account.

3 – Type Bigg Boss Telugu in the Search bar and press Enter.

4 – Click on the green 'Vote' button below the video

5 - Find the names of the contestants who are facing elimination test this week.

6 - You will get 10 votes per day till Saturday midnight. You can either cast those votes to one person or divide it among the nominated contestants.

7 – One click on any contestant is considered one vote and you have to click ten times to cast 10 votes. Once you click on any contestant and you can take back that vote. You need to decide on who you want to vote for before clicking on anyone.