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With a contestant getting eliminated each week from Bigg Bogg 3 Telugu house, the remaining housemates are sorting and creating a few issues with each passing day. The tiffs that arise are almost only during the nomination task and the elimination episode every week.  

The most talked about and heated argument that broke out this Monday, during the nomination task for the upcoming weekend, was between Sreemukhi and Shiva Jyothi. The argument escalated so much that other contestants had to get involved to halt the fight. 

While Baba Bhaskar chose to save Shiva Jyothi instead of Sreemukhi, she, in turn, saved Punarnavi and nominated Baba. Garnering lesser votes, Sreemukhi was nominated for eliminations. Baba Bhaskar was hurt and anger about Sreemukhi's move, as she did not save him. 

Baba Bhaskar
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When Sreemukhi realised this, she told Baba master that she should be the one who should be angry because Baba Bhaskar nominated her twice by saving Punarnavi now and Ravi two weeks ago.

"Master, I should be angry with you and I don't understand why it is vice versa. This is the second time you nominated me to save someone else. Don't you think that is right? I haven't said a single word about it or discussed it with you," she said.

She also told him that she must keep aside the bond with him and focus on playing the game, where both of them can nominate each other without any expectations and explanations as well.

"I am feeling very lonely in this house now and I feel I have no one for me. Also, I am going to enter into any groups because I can play the game on my own. Call me over-confident or whatever, but I know what I am doing," Sreemukhi said, who has a huge following outside the house.