Bigg Boss Telugu vote procedure, phone numbers.
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nominations and vote processGoogle

Kaushal, Deepthi Nallamothu, Roll Rida, Geetha Madhuri, and Amit Tiwari are the contestants who are under the pressure of weekend nominations this week.

Anchor Shyamala was eliminated in the previous week's episode. Shyamala had got a re-entry into the Bigg Boss show after she won huge number of votes for her re-entry.

It was a tense situation, with the contestants nominating their fellow mates for the eliminations in yesterday's, September 10, episode.

Instructions were given to the housemates to nominate two of their fellow mates to face the elimination round for this week. They were even asked to mention the reasons behind their nominations.

As Kaushal is already nominated for the entire season, he cannot be nominated or saved by the fellow contestants. The housemates had their nominations done with five members in the nominations for this week's eliminations.

To save your favourite contestant, you need to vote from the official Google voting site.

Step 1: Choose Google Chrome as the default browser and search with the keywords 'Bigg Boss Telugu Vote'.

Step 2: The official voting site appears along with the photos of the nominated Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants. You can vote for multiple contestants by clicking on the vote meter.

Step 3: The maximum number of votes you can cast is 50.

Step 4: After clicking on the votes, do not forget to click on the submit/vote button.

You can save your favourite contestant from being eliminated by just giving missed calls to the determined phone numbers too. Here are the dedicated phone numbers in case you want to give missed calls to save the contestants.

To save Kaushal Manda give a missed call to 7729998817

To save Geetha Madhuri give a missed call to 7729998801

To save Deepthi Nallamothu give a missed call to 7729998808

To save Amit Tiwari give a missed call to 7729998813

To save Roll Rida give a missed call to 7729998807.