Host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

Host Nani was trolled again for targeting Kaushal with regard to task inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, where Deepthi got hurt after Nandini Rai flipped the plank.

Nani was talking to every contestant with regard to childhood photos when he asked Kaushal about the issue of flipping the plank. Kaushal said that he was against the idea of flipping the plank, but Nandini Rai did it even after he asked not to do it. However, Nani showed the clip of this incident and made it clear that she did it on his instructions.

But Kaushal argued that he said he asked her to do it because it was meant to threaten her. He was not really meant to do it. Nani blasted Kaushal for his confusing stand on flipping the plank. He also said that he has earned a large number of fans with his stint inside the house and those fans will flip, if he continues to have this kind of confusing stand.

Kaushal and Nandini Rai flipping the plank inside Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house
Kaushal and Nandini Rai flipping the plank inside Bigg Boss Telugu 2 houseSnapshot of Hot Star video

It is known that Kaushal has a dedicated fanbase called Kaushal Army and they often troll housemates on Twitter. Along with other viewers, Kaushal Army felt that Nani was wrong in his perception on the issue and he tried to prove Kaushal wrong in it, by showing a different clip.

Some of them took to Twitter to troll host Nani. A few of them even threatened him and Star Maa to stop watching Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Kartik Dayanand @KartikDayanand

Housemates seem to have made peace with Kaushal, but looks like Bigg Boss himself is rattled by Kaushal's popularity now. Flipping the plank issue was unnecessarily blown out of proportion. #BiggBossTelugu2

Rajni Avenger‏ @sachin2805117

You can clearly see When #Nandini was flipping on left side #Kaushal caught #TV9 Deepthi Hand.. Then #Nandini said to #Kaushal Remove your Hand Support to Deepthi.. That is when #Kaushal removed his Hand from Right Side Flip.. So Nandini is wrong #biggbossTelugu2

Rocky‏ @Rocky82628487

#BiggBossTelugu2 Even for neutral audience, it seemed that Nani unnecessarily dragged the kaushal topic for a silly reason. Yesterday really felt Nani made it personal with kaushal. Do you really think others did less mistakes compared to kaushal's flip topic?

Sandeep sandy‏ @sandeep76329143

#BiggBossTelugu2 dear bigboss telugu2...if again repeats this we all quit star maa n quit da bb2 becareful... Actually we don't don't want bigboss in telugu...!!! If again any one targets kaushal we all quit da bb2 least TRP. @Madhucherry123 @NameisNani @kaushalteam

Kausalarmy‏ @kausalarmy

Nani, please don't play with audience emotions. We voted all the week just to see happiness in Kaushal face when you say that Kaushal got protected first but you told Babu got protected first who didn't even get 1/10th of Kaushal votes. Very biased . #KaushalArmy #biggbosstelugu2

Chari Tarak‏ @nagachinn9999

@NameisNani bro you did good till now, Please don't come with blind script and don't show partiality, audience are watching everything. #KaushalArmy #biggbosstelugu2

I am L‏ @kranthi612

I don't want to watch #BiggBossTelugu2 anymore it's so biased and scripted, I will just vote Kaushal if he is in nominations , that's it good bye to @StarMaa #Kaushalarmy

RaJ‏ @raj_thoughts_

"FLIPPING STAR NANI" It's not sarcastic, Nani became flipping star for his incredible skills in questioning on Flipping. Kudos Nani garu for becoming a new star... #BiggBossTelugu2 #KaushalArmy @kaushalarmy1 @kaushalarmy_