10.35 pm: The finalists are seen prepping up for the finale with their personal grooming. A group of helpers arrive at the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house to help the finalist get groomed for the Bigg day. The finalists Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal, Deepthi Nallamothu, Tanish, and Samrat are treated with beauty regimes. The finalists are seen prepping up to face the grand finale. The saloon helpers are seen cheering up on the finalists and helping them to look the best on the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 finale day.

10.00 pm: With full to entertainment, the party ends on a high note. All the housemates pose for a group picture, as they groove for Roll Rida's rap song. The housemates are seen having so much fun, as they dance with perky moves. Roll Rida grabs everyone's attention.

9.40 pm: Roll Rida and Amit Tiwari wrap up the rapid fire round and jump to the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 awards.

Each contestant is given a title and award and the housemates cheer up each other.

9.20 pm: Roll Rida and Amit Tiwari begin to quiz the housemates with the title of 'rapid fire round'. The housemates have fun teasing each other for their answers.

Amit and Roll Rida also get involved in the entertainment, as they question the housemates.

9.15 pm: The whole entertainment turns out to be the most entertaining one, as Geetha Madhuri croons some of the peppy Telugu songs. The housemates are seen enjoying the party to the core. Except Babu Gogineni, the housemates and the ex-housemates are seen dancing and having much fun at the party.

Geetha Madhuri steals the show with her fantastic singing capabilities, as the housemates enjoy.

9.00 pm: All the ex-contestants except Nutan Naidu are assembled along with the top five contestants. Gathered at the activity area, the housemates are seen having fun with each other.

Roll Rida reads out the set of instructions and the makers announce a poolside party. The housemates are given apt costumes and are instructed to start the party with Geetha Madhuri's performance.

Roll Rida and Amit Tiwari are to act as the anchors for the pool party. The celebrations begin, as the housemates are seen excited to participate in the rocking party.

There are only a couple of hours to go for the grand finale of the much-hyped reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2. With five contestants in the race for the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 title, social media is abuzz with rumors of the winner.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 finale live updates
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 finale live updatesHotstar

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 got a colossal response with a huge buzz around the Bigg Boss title results. As there are only a few hours left for the announcement, there is a lot of much hype currently.

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Kaushal Manda, Geetha Madhuri, Tanish Alladi, Samrat Reddy, and Deepthi Nallamothu are the contestants who have made their way to the grand finale. As all the finalists have got a huge support from the audience, we have to wait and see which contestant would grab the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 title.

As per the unofficial poll predictions, Kaushal has got a huge chance to win the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 title as of now. Geetha Madhuri and Deepthi Nallamothu might compete for the position of the runner-up.