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9.53 pm: Finally, Salman Khan annonces that Somi Khan is evicted and Surabhi is safe from elimitation. Surabhi begs the host to cancel the elimination this weekend. The Salman asks her to come out of the house. But she keeps quiet. Somi Khan gets ready to walk out of the house. The host asks her to comeback inside the house, as there is eviction this weekend due to Diwali. Everyone is excited and thank Salman.

9.42 pm: Salman announces that Romil Choudhary is safe from elimination this week. Romil gets a surprse as he gets to meet his family. He gets emotional after meeting his family.  Later, Salman announces that Deepak is also safe from eviction. One of Surbhi and Somi Khan as to walk out of the house.

9.40 pm: Salman Khan tells Deepak Thakur to stay away from Somi Khan. It is time for Sultaani Akhade and KV Bohra and Sreesanth come on face to face. KV says that Sreesanth is a good person, but he he is not trustworthy as he does not believe in friendship. But finally, Sreesanth emerges as the winner at Sultaani Akhade.

9.35 pm: Salman takes the cam to Deepak Takur's village in Bihar and talks to his mother, who sings a song for him and she's super proud of him! This village has got power connection just two days ago and the people of the village are proud that they got it because of Deepak. Salman is back to meet the housemates via Panasonic OLED TV!

9.29 pm: The winning team has to bid between one lakh to five lakh for the Bigg Boss medallion. He also adds that the bidding amount would be deducted from the prize money of the winner of the game. Salman plays the second part of the game. And promises immunity to the winner. Karanvir Bohra gives him the medallion. And calls him the underdog of the house. Romil gets the highest and the most unique bid. He wins the immunity.

9.27 pm: After Preity leaves, Sreesanth gets emotional as he was a part of King XI's team when he played cricket. Preity Zinta chooses Surbhi, Sreesanth, Romil, Deepak and Somi's team.

9.25 pm: Deepak Thakur shares his problem with Romil. He tells him that his love is one-sided. Romil asks him to back out. Somi meanwhile tells Surbhi how Deepak is after his life. Surbhi complains about this to Sreesanth. Amidst all the confusion, Sreesanth decides to commit suicide, and Romil joins him. In the next scene, Deepak and Somi are seen dancing, and Sreesanth grooves with Romil. Team B begins their act. Surbhi introduces the contestants in their team.

9.20 pm: Jasleen dances on 'Yeh Mera Dil'. Shivashish begins to flirt with her. Srishty interrupts them and asks her boyfriend, Shivashish, to stick with her. Rohit enters the scene and Shivashish tries to keep him away from Sristhy. Rohit is smitten by Srishty. This leads to fight between Srishty, Shivashish and Rohit. Srishty and Rohit dance on a romantic number. And their act ends there. Preity Zinta divides two teams and asks them to enact romantic scenes in the house.

9. 15 pm:  Shivashish shakes his legs on the Naagin dance alone on Salman's orders. He asks them to keep the gym accessories in the store room. Jasleen is told to keep all the make-up she has in the store room.

9.05 pm: Salman Khan asks the contestants to follow his instructions and dance in double speed on a Hindi film song. He instructs contestants to make Bigg Boss' eye on the floor and then wink. This leads to laughter in the house. Somi is asked to wax Deepak's hands and legs. He yells in pain when she does so. They all then do the 'naagin' dance.