Contestants get ready for nomination for elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Contestants get ready for nomination for elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

10.39 pm: Babu Gogineni reveals shocking things about Kaushal. Nani gets very frustrated after Babu Gogineni's indication that Kaushal is being dishonest in the show. He yells at them by saying the audience is the real boss, not anyone else.

10.35 pm: Babu Gogineni defends by telling all kinds of irrelevant things. He tries to slam Kaushal by saying things against him. Nani tries to get clarification from Kaushal but his answers aren't very impressive.

10.31 pm: Babu Gogineni takes a dig at Geetha Madhuri and attacks her. Nani questions him why he fired on Geetha Madhuri, Babu's answer is just an example of his care-free attitude. Nani is in no mood to agree with anything Babu Gogineni is saying. Babu Gogineni is slammed by Nani brutally. He makes it clear that he is not the one who decides who is to be in the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show, but the public.

10.25 pm: Nani starts talking to Babu Gogineni. Nani warns Babu Gogineni about his weird behavior in Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Babu Gogineni's defends himself with the same attitude, but Nani tries to poke him for his arrogance. Nani slams Babu Gogineni strongly, talking about his comments on Rajamouli. A heated argument gets triggered between Nani and Babu Gogineni. Nani brings in his own case in the frame of context and tries to explain. Babu Gogineni's improper answer doesn't satisfy Nani.

10.10 pm: Nani talks to Samrat sarcastically and mentions about his flirts in Pan task with Pooja Ramachandran. Samrat is quizzed about captaincy task. He starts talking negatively about Kaushal and his way of playing the captaincy task.

10.03 PM: Deepthi is asked about her experience on the captaincy task. She starts telling long stories, Nani answers with wit. She tells about Babu Gogineni's push during the captaincy task. Deepti changes her stance by saying she was not sure if it was the force of the water or bucket when she fell off the podium during the task.

9.54 pm: Deepti blames Kaushal about the arguments on the luxury budget task. Nani interrupts and stops their argument. Nani talks to Amit, Nandini. Nandini is targeted by Nani, for her fickle minded behavior. He takes a dig at her behavior with Kaushal.

9.50 pm: Nani questions Kaushal on the reason he had given during the nominations. Kaushal explains how Babu Gogineni cheated in every task. Nani tells to Kaushal that he could have given more sensible reason to nominate Babu Gogineni. He also asks Kaushal about the luxury budget task's argument. Kaushal defends himself by telling his own reasons.

9.40 pm: Nani explains a situation where Nandu, the husband of Geetha Madhuri had taken Nani's advice before their wedding. He says Nandu is one of the luckiest persons. "The way you dealt with the recent situations is just laudable", Nani told to Geetha Madhuri.

9.37 pm: Nani talks to Kaushal about Tanish's captaincy. He reports about the untidiness of the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants. On questioning Geetha Madhuri, she explains what she felt about her tiff with Babu Gogineni.

9.33 pm: Nani welcomes Pooja Ramachandran on the show. He mentions that the contestants are being silly in nominating the fellow contestants. Nani starts talking to Tanish, pulling his legs. Tanish states that Kaushal was the weakest contestant in his captaincy and Deepti was the strongest.

9.29 pm: Nani starts interacting with the housemates. Kaushal thanks Nani for giving them chance to talk to their families. Roll Rida raps a song on Bigg Boss, naming all the sponsored products. Nani is seen quite entertained along with the Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

9.20 pm: Tanish and Nandini are seen kissing and hugging, in the midnight. They are under an assumption that nobody is watching them. Nandini makes sure that all are asleep, and then comes closer to Tanish. Nani says, "They are not aware of the fact that the cameras are on duty all the time".

9.17 pm: Geetha starts talking about the wild card contestant Pooja Ramachandran. Nandini and Deepti are involved in the conversation. At the same time, Kaushal takes the initiative to give chocolate to Babu Gogineni. He breaks the ice and says that it everything happens when in the same show, and asks Babu Gogineni to forget about the earlier fight.

9.12 pm: The contestants are provided with the luxury budget provisions. Each contestant is seen picking up their own favorite items. Geetha tries to share the provisions equally to all the contestants.

9.10 pm: The episode starts with Nani's narration of the short story. Without wasting any time, Nani enters 'Naa Nee TV'. The housemates are seen having a fun time at the pool.