Bigg Boss Telugu 2 36th day: Angry Amit Tiwari breaks egg on Ganesh's head
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 36th day: Angry Amit Tiwari breaks egg on Ganesh's headSnapshot of Hot Star video

The latest promo released by Star Maa shows Amit Tiwari getting angry on Ganesh and hitting the latter's head with an egg on the 36th day inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

The bosses of Star Maa shared a new promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 on Twitter and wrote, "#Amit goes harsh on #Ganesh for nominations #BiggBossTelugu2 Today at 9:30 PM on @StarMaa."

In the video, Deepthi is seen releasing the handcuff of Ganesh. Amit Tiwari then tells her, "Deepthi garu! You become free and nominate Ganesh. He is responsible for my present situation. I am very angry with him."

Amit then hits Ganesh head with an egg. "I have been telling everyone not to wish to see my anger," he says. He later storms into the garden area while other housemates are baffled by the situation.

Ganesh is left red-faced but washes his head with Deepthi's assistance. He is furious and cannot stop crying. He says, "If jealousy and plotting are reasons for elimination, I am ready to be evicted right away."

The viewers have to wait for a few hours to witness the complete dram unfold on TV screens.

Ganesh's behavior featured in this promo reminded a few viewers of Sampoornesh Babu, a former contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu. In a reply to Star Maa's tweet, SS Charan wrote, "Looks like we got Sampoornesh Babu for this season in form of #Ganesh. Twist in the tail.. #Amit got secret task to persuade someone for elimination. #BiggBossTelugu2."

Amit Tiwari is known for his villain roles in movies, but he has been very calm and quiet person in real life. In fact, he was rarely seen angry inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Some audience have replied to the promo saying that it must be a part of a secret task.

Cherry‏ @Cherry15199440

Egg ready ga Ela undi Adi wash room lo.. It looks like secret task

GRK‏ @GRK_90

Amit secret task to test Ganesh and nominate Depti

Siddu Lodugu‏ @SLodugu

Looks like Amit secret task

Sravan‏ @Sra1_tweetz

Secret task anipisthundi

Adityajuturu‏ @Adityajuturu2

If it is secret its ok, other wise Amit or teju TV9 will be waiting for u next week

Siri.chichhu97‏ @Shirees90685198

Adi secret task amith nominations lo nundi safe avvalante ganesh mida egg pagalakotti ganesh nominate avvali.

Bhuvan‏ @Bhuvan022

Secret Task Ayyinte Fine, Lekunte Amit ga Neeku Untadi raa janal nunchi, Nee Bro Bhanu laage nuvvu kooda Pothav ra rey. #BiggBossTelugu2 @NameisNani