Julie trolled for casting her Vote
Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Julie.Julie Twitter Account

The non-stop abuses and troll have continued for actress and Bigg Boss Tamil 1 contestant Julie aka Maria Juliana. In spite of pleading netizens to ignore the past and treat her like a person from her family, people have continued to hurt her on Twitter.

Once again, Julie has been mercilessly trolled for her latest post on casting her vote. The actress shared a picture of her with a caption, "I have done my duty and responsibility #VoteForChange [sic]." Unfortunately, even such a message has become a tool for people to hurt her. [Scroll down to see the samples of it below]

Last month, Julie had pleaded with netizens not to hurt her with abuses. "Why am I being constantly targeted and abused online? Don't you have sisters and will you use such language against them? What do you get from criticising me? Do you feel happy or peace from abusing me?" frustrated Julie question the people on Twitter.

She had asked whether she had personally hurt anyone and wondered why people are slamming her for an incident that happened on a TV show two years ago. "What crime have I done apart from telling a lie in a show? I would like to know whether those questioning me have not said a single lie in their lives," Julie said while asking people to learn how to talk to a girl.

Julie, who came to limelight during Jallikattu movement by daringly criticising politicians, had entered the Bigg Boss Tamil 1 house as an underdog and won people's sympathy when celebrities targeted her. But the public started hating her once she started telling lies and ditched Oviyaa, who had come to her support when everyone had cornered her. 

On the professional front, Julie has a few movies including mythological film Amman Thayee.

Bigg Boss Julie returns as Amman Thayee
A poster from Bigg Boss Tamil Julie's movie Amman Thayee.PR Handout