It was on October 04 that Kamal Haasan launched the fourth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil. Within three episodes, the drama has started unfolding as Suresh and Anitha engaged in an unexpected fight.

In the third episode, Anitha and Suresh were seen arguing, after the latter allegedly made negative remarks about newsreaders. Even though Suresh denied the allegations made against him, Anitha claimed that Suresh has made low-grade comments.

Bigg Boss Tamil

Suresh's comments about news readers

According to Anitha, Suresh will not talk to news readers as they spit while talking. Anitha alleged that these comments from Suresh were totally unexpected, and made it clear that his words were very cheap.

Denying these allegations, Suresh claimed that Anitha is trying to create issues out of nowhere. Soon, contestants gathered and tried to pacify both Suresh and Anitha, but their efforts went in vain.

Vel Murugan's emotional experience

In the third episode, Vel Murugan captured everyone's heart as he shared his childhood experience. He detailed the difficulties he faced to study and revealed that it was his experiences that made him the extra courage to come up in life.

As Vel Murugan started weeping, other contestants too became emotional. Vel Murugan concluded his emotional speech by singing a beautiful song which made everyone cry in the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

After Vel Murugan, Sanam Shetty started sharing her life experience. She recalled a terrible accident she met within her life. The actress revealed that an unknown lady had helped her following the accident, and at the hospital, doctors told her parents that her spinal injury is critical.

"It was after 14 months that I finally stood up, after recovering from the injury. During these times, it was my father and mother who cared for me a lot. I would love to tell everyone that the love provided by parents is unconditional. In my life, I am blessed to get my parents. After entering Bigg Boss Tamil, I came to know that this is another experience which I have got in life," said Sanam.

Later, Nisha talked about the colour discrimination she faced in her life. Nisha revealed that she has not received a single love letter during her college days, due to her dark skin.