Mugen and Losliya
Mugen and Losliya to end up in the top two places at the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 grand finale.PR Handout

Like the previous season, the audience seem to be having a complete clarity over picking up the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. If we look at the trends online, Mugen Rao is the going to lift the trophy, beating Sandy, Losliya and Sherin.

The majority of the polls clearly indicate that Mugen Rao is winning the trophy by a distance. The nearest competitor for him is not Sandy, but Losliya, who seem to be winning votes of her fans along with the supporters of Kavin. Bigg Boss Tamil Live Updates

In one of the sites known for conducting polls, Mugen has secured 44 percent of votes with 2.1 lakh votes. Losliya is in the second place by getting 30 percent of the votes (1.44+ lakh votes), while Sandy is in the third position by earning 19.94 percent 95,000+ votes) Sherin seems to be having a bleak chance as she has got 6.05 percent of votes (29,000+ votes). [Take part in our poll and cast your vote below]

Even in another website, the readers have clearly expressed their views by giving huge number of votes for Mugen Rao for his victory. Here he has almost got 50 percent of the votes (1.44+ lakh), while Losliya has earned close to 25 percent of votes (70,000+).

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Winner
A screen shot of the two polls which indicate that Mugen will be the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3.PR Handout

Sandy is once again in the third place by getting 19.52 percent of votes (56,000+) and Sherin garnering 6.3 percent of votes (18,000+). 

If we take these two polls into the consideration, it will be a cakewalk for Mugen Rao, who has won the viewers' hearts with his humble and good nature. It also indicates that Losliya will end up as the runner-up of the third season of Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

Interestingly, Sandy has impressed the viewers with his humour and performance in tasks. Those factors seem to be not working in his favour big time. Whereas Sherin seems to be having no chance of lifting the trophy.

In the season 2, all the polls had indicated that Riythvika would emerge victorious easily and it turned out to be true.

Well, there might be surprise in store in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? The answer will be known tomorrow evening.